Why The Name?


After Darkness, Light

Its Latin… just incase you’re wondering. You might try to read it in English and come up with a concoction of definitions that deserves its own documentary but Post Tenebras Lux is the name and reforming is the game.


The name is something that holds much significance within the Christian faith but in actuality this battle cry of the 16th Century Reformation has shaped western civilization.

During 16th century the governing authority that influenced all parts of the known world was the Roman Catholic Church. This organization functioned as a type of imperialistic U.N. which held its grasp in the affairs of independent nations.

The Church, as it was commonly referred to, held a monopoly in all the major aspects of life. They held not only the dominion of the spiritual realm but also the terrestrial realm.

The Church held many lands throughout the European continents while at the same time it held a firm grasp of the daily life of the common man. Weddings were done by the Church, education were a property of the church being the only organization that had able scholars, and since they owned the sacraments, all means of salvation was theirs told hold on to.

Now, I won’t give you a whole lesson about the Ecclesiastical Reformation which would later be called the Protestant Reformation, mostly because that is wayyyy above my pay grade, but I want to show you this so you can see that there was great darkness in these times.

Hence the word, Tenebras, which means Darkness.


The world lived in great darkness and ignorance due to the lack of, most notably, education. However, this wasn’t the greatest need of their times, their need was much greater. The lack of the biblical worldview, the Christian worldview had been lost in Medieval scholasticism.

The Bible had been hidden from the common man in between 800 A.D and 1500 A. D. Hidden in Latin for only the wealthy or prestigious could read or even be able to find the Scriptures. This was the source of darkness; the lack of the gospel was the cause of the great darkness that ravaged the earth.

The lesser view of Scripture and a higher view of tradition Created a Frankenstein like being… a humanized-Christianity, which was the root of the problems of 16th Century. The night was pitch black and all hope was lost until… God ignited a fire.

Hence the word, Lux, which means light.


In the providence of God, men and women rose up in these perilous times.

I wouldn’t be able to exhaust the profoundness and reach across the schism of information that the Reformers make up in history but just to debrief you a bit, they were game changers.

Through their efforts to bring the Bible back into the hands of the common man, the epoch that is known as the Dark Ages, began to evaporate.

The Protestant Reformers started teaching and expounding the Word of God. Causing a change not only in the hearts of the people but the actual societies they lived in… due to what? Due to the light of the Gospel.

As a consequence of their efforts, the world began to be reshaped by the biblical worldview which brought back the importance of science and arts. The Biblical worldview continued its havoc and pushed science and art to a higher and higher standard causing great feats of discovery and rediscovery.

Music was forever changed, writing and what is good art developed.

Schools and education was pushed to a higher standard, the definition of manhood and womanhood had actual meaning to it. Every aspect of western life began to change. This would have been hope for generations to come, if they could just hold to the principles of the Biblical Christian Worldview. Only if…

21st Century Reformation

At the turn of the 19th century, a decaying of the Biblical worldview began to show itself more clearly, and it mostly began to appear as naturalistic-materialism and post-modernism.

In a domino effect style, we see a continual rotting of the great spectacular forms of expression such as art and music.

We have to ask… what happen? How did we come from the great pinnacles of knowledge and wisdom to become a culture that is intolerant of intolerance.

The Word has been forgotten.

The Name

Post Tenebras Lux is a phrase that all must be familiar with, for if we continue the path we are in, we will once again fall into darkness.

Why the name? The hope is to call all creators to take up the Biblical worldview, to shape their respective arts with the Christian worldview. In order to bring back the great feats of man, man has to come back to God.

You may be a poet, a writer, maybe a composer, a youth leader, a fashionista or designer, a vlogger, preacher, teacher and the like. You aspire to change the world through your art or words and leave your mark in history… and that’s great.

However, if we do not hold the Christian worldview, our efforts will be as a vapor in the wind.

You want a lasting impact in your craft? Join the movement, and reform your local community with your craft, shaped by the Biblical Worldview.