Cultural Commentary

How should a Christian interact with their culture?

Part of the job description of every christian is that he must be a light in the darkness. To be a light in the darkness is the greatest task we must face. A christian is told that he is in the world but not of the world. There is a fine balance between influencing our culture and being influenced by our culture.

The job of every christian is to not be influenced but to be a ambassador of Christ in front of the eyes of the culture. With that said, christians must interact with their culture, which means there is no neutral position, it is either we are enemies of the culture or we are its ally.

We must use our biblical and christian world view to be able to understand what our culture is doing and know how to respond to it. Because of our need to shape our culture and society, I present to you articles and aids that can help you for your perspective of the society we live in.


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