About Me

Restless and Relentless…

An introvert at heart but when it comes to the service to the King of Kings, I tend to be overly ambitious.

Born and raised in Houston Texas in a traditional Evangelical home, I’ve always be around the Christian Worldview. My mother tongue is actually Spanish since my parents were Central American immigrants, but due to my professional education in English, I’ve been able to master both tongues and am working on an additional one (parlo anche il italiano).

It pained me to see that the best doctrinal and theological training I could get was mediocre at best. Due to my restless attitude, I went to go find everything I could get my hands on to inform myself about the historic christian faith.

My early theological preparation was from the independent Pentecostal perspective but in my young adult years I’ve reformed my theology to a historically Reformed perspective, holding to the 3 C’s… Calvinistic, Confessional, and Covenantal. My main source of education has not been in the professional setting but instead a hands on approach with local church ministries in Houston.

My reservoir of knowledge lies in my intense study of the early church writings such as the Pratristics or Apostolic Fathers, the Post-Nicene fathers, the writings of Thomas Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, the Puritans such as John Owens, Nehemiah Coxe, Thomas Watson, and also modern writers such as Dr. Sproul, Pastor MacArthur, Joel R. Beeke and others.

My goal with starting Post Tenebras Lux Reformation (or ptlreform for shorthand) is to help the advancement of the kingdom of God with fortifying the Christian Worldview of modern Christians by using the Reformed tradition to interact with the secular culture of today, in English and Spanish.

I’ve been speaking and teaching for about 10 years in Central America, the United States, and Italy. My focus has always been to bring to clarity the fundamental doctrines of the faith and present them in a way the believer can truly “live by faith”. Within the United States I have dedicated my time to helping the younger generation contextualize and inform themselves with the most important aspects of the faith through the means of teaching and preaching in courses, seminars, sermons, and personal discipleship.