Faithless America

Blessed says the Psalm, is the nation whose God is the Lord. Such is blasphemy in the modern political and cultural discourse.

For a while, probably for decades now, the American people have deteriorated their once theological consciences to be a numb buzz of subjectivism. This is a reality of all nations but what makes America an interesting product of history is that it once was an embodiment of Christian principles on the public as well as the private level. I don’t mean just that they went to church every Sunday, but its more of the fact that modern Americans had enough biblical understanding that the public knew figures like Benjamin Franklin and the great orator George Whitefield (who both happened to be really close friends). A concept of Moses and Elijah, of Jesus and Paul; this was the reality that couldn’t be avoided in the minds of the American people.

Not only is the lack of knowledge of evangelical figures in history is gone, but complete biblical illiteracy is the norm. Schools once acknowledged the 10 Commandments in the morning devotional along with moments of prayer. This was the norm. However as the decades continued on more and more the removal of biblical principles was common. Such was the rejection of faith in schools, that to fill in creationism, Neo-Darwinian Evolutionism took the place as the primacy of the origin of man.

What has this caused?

A rapid birthrate of faithless children whose God is not the Lord. There are many consequences that have arisen because of this rejection of the gospel and of God in the American political and cultural society, however one can be commented on briefly… who are we?

The lost of identity is something that probably isn’t the main concern for many in the political and cultural parts of American life, but it is one of the essential concerns. What does America stand for? What are our core beliefs? What is our duty to the citizens who make up the American people, as well as what are our duties for nations around the world as a beacon of strength?

Long ago, what was believed was that the America that the Founding Fathers believed in, would be a means of assuring that all men would follow the precedent of, that all men are created equal. Created by a Creator, and that are endowed by that Creator with unalienable rights. That we must look after our fellow-man. That we must stand up against injustice. That we must be hands that help the broken, and the staff that carries them to regain their footing. That we must be a reforming society that recognize that a balance of power was needed.

These men understood that even if (according to them) God was a distant divinity, this did not deny that value was within every man, woman, and child. If the church does not take its position, to call the nation to repentance, America the beautiful will become a vapor in the wind of history. The church is called to preach the gospel to all men. The gospel was the means in which the American identity was developed. It was through a perspective of recognizing God and his Son as the propitiation for sin, were the American people able to find footing to develop and progress to be a true lamp in the midst of darkness.

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