To Have and To Lack

“A servant is satisfied with his Master’s allowance”

To be a servant is a tough title to live up to. Many can be a boss, many can give orders and expect to see results, though the price may be high for others. To be the one who gives the orders is thrilling to selfishness but to receive orders… that demands SELF-LESS-Ness.

The servant will not question his masters will, for he is a servant. The servant will not complain at his masters mercy, since he is a slave. But we see in Christ we have no earthly mastery who is unjust but we have the supreme master who is benevolent toward sinful man.

Thomas Watson points out to Christians aspiring to be godly that part of the nature of being godly is to be one of conforms to the providence of their God. The apostle Paul in Philippians chapter 4 verse 13 (the most misquoted verse ever) states that he can do all things in Christ who strengthens him.

This is not just believing that every goal we have we accomplished if we think of Jesus while we are doing it, but instead if we read the verses before we see that Paul knows what it feels like to have in abundance and also have the lack of basic provisions.

That though he may know both abundance and scarcity, he truly believes that all he does is accomplished by the strength he receives from the faith that he holds on to.

To be godly should be our primary goal as believers and with that goal of being godly we must see that it demands of us conformity to the provision God has for us daily. It could be financial provision he can be emotional provision it can be physical provision it could be mental provision, but no matter where we are we must learn as Thomas Watson presents in his book “The Godly Mans Picture”, we must be satisfied with what God provides for us and not wine or bicker that we lack.

The Bible says that he who seeks the Lord (those who desire to be holy) will lack no good thing (Psalm 34:10).

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