To love… or not to love… the LGBT… and X-Y-Z

Hot topic. I know. But it’s always a vital and necessary one to continually discuss in the present day, sexual revolution.

One of the major conflicts and practically the only conflict is the LGBT movement with the religious sector in America. Even though this isn’t really an “American only” problem (being that the LGBT community in America experience greater defended rights) it is most clearly and openly debated within the continental United States.

However the problem in itself isn’t with faith groups, but instead it is with those whose who apply their worldview and theology in their religious practices. (What is Religion?)

The application of conviction is what the Church and LGBT movement deal with. The way christians either stand their ground in religious conviction or embrace wholeheartedly this personal life style. Due to this constant friction, what is seen is that both the LGBT and Religious sector of America tend to hit a boiling point. On one side we have those radical religious (not truly spiritual) church people who also have no substance in their theology, or spiritual discipline to know that conversion is an act of God not men’s coercion. While at the same time the LGBT community use the sword of the state to submit those religious convictions to bend to their whim.

Both these things are dangerous and unproductive.

What can we as Christians, who hold a truly biblical perspective, do to show the holiness of God while showing the love of God?

Try not to separate holiness and love; it’s not either or, it’s one and the other. We cannot present God apart from presenting both holiness and love, because his love and holiness are so intertwined that to present one or the other is to reject completely who God is.

We must show what the love of God actually looks like while maintaining his holiness. (Loving in Holiness)

To wrap up an introduction to this idea, we as christians must not confuse the love of God, as if it is distinct or separate from his holiness.

In short, we must love the LGBT… X-Y-Z (meaning all those who might tag along to this movement) within the holiness of God.

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