Meditating… but not like you think.

Fads come and go in western culture and the primary proponents of these fads are those led by “the mob”.

Who are the mob? The culture, media, Hollywood, academic elites those who are the spearhead of modern thought.
This modern thought pushes ideas that are quite beneficial but at the same time it just gives really terrible ideas.
But one thing that seems like a great idea but actually ends up being a terrible one is this idea of meditation.
I’m not saying mediating itself is a bad idea but what does seem weird is that a secular western society prizing an eastern polytheistic religious act.

Most people when thinking of meditating go with the lenses of yoga, so for sake of clarity, we’ll keep that notion.
Meditation is a great thing, but the secular society has no business using meditation as a means of bettering their productivity.

Because meditation is a RELIGIOUS practice. The point of meditation is with the end of recognizing something transcendental, and this transcendental entity is either adjusting our mindset or correcting our intentions. But with a secular world view, this doesn’t add up. What tends to be the outcome is the mind of those who have empty meditation once again turns to themselves as the source of comfort… which is pointless because the reason we meditate is to find answers and direction outside of ourselves.

Though the modern secular society have hijacked the word meditation, it is actually a important Christian practice.

When the believer meditates, we recognize that the answer we search for is not within us but outside of us. We meditate not with an empty head searching for a “transcendental WiFi connection” but we have the sure phone line to God himself… his Word.

Psalm 1 refers to a blessed man whose greatest reward is found in meditating day and night in the Law of the Lord. We as Christians must not lose the practice of biblical meditation as our means of digesting the promises and precepts of God. It is there that we find not only comfort and correction, neither the promise of prosperity but we find what the Father desires of us.

So next time, forget the yoga mat, grab that overpriced and nasty tea you weirdos drink, and meet with Christ. Meditate on what, and who he is. Meditate on his words, meditate on the judgments of God in the Old Testament and meditate on his glorious manifestation of his grace in Christ Jesus.

Let’s take back the blessing of meditation.

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