Historical Creeds

Creeds of the Early Church
( A.D. 90?- A.D. 500)

Apostles’ Creed

Nicene Creed

Athanasian Creed

Chalcedonian Creed

Forged from the fires of debate and discussion, these classical pieces of literature serves as building blocks of major doctrinal points of the Christian faith.

The early church faced much persecution from the outside however the greater battles come from with in it. Much confusion was seen in the early church after the death of the last apostle until the bible was once again put in the hands of the believer during the reformation of the 16th century.

What is usually not known is that before we had the Scriptures bound together with its nice leather, the oral tradition of creeds was the method in which discipleship occurred. It was though the means of rhythmic and poetic creeds that the early church was able to prepare and teach the body the key points of major doctrines.

The concept of creeds and confessions have been neglected, which is noticed because of the lack of depth the modern believer has in his theology. That being said, I present for your benefit a couple of the historic creeds and even points of historical theology that would be beneficial for your development and growth.

These early creeds reflect the early struggles and battles of the early Christians, the doctrines of the composition of the Godhead, or in other words, who is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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