Are Youth Pastors a thing?

Yes and No…

Do we see it around? yes.

Is it fully accepted? no.

Is it fruitful? maybe.

Is it Biblical? ABSOLUTEY NOT.

Youth pastors and youth groups in general sometimes tends to be that strange uncle we all have. We love ’em none the less but sometimes you ask why you had to be the child that looked the most like him.

(For the sake of space I will just used Youth Pastors when I refer to the leader and to the body represented since it infers that if there is a leader then there is a group being led)

Youth pastors have been something more developed nowadays but it has sorta been around in the shadows for the longest (kinda like that strange uncle, love ya Oswald).

This phenomenon that has swept many Churches in recent decades has had its up and downs but my opinion and conviction from the Scriptures is that… there isn’t a 6th ministry aside from the original 5 stated in Ephesians 4:11-16.

I’ll be writing other posts about my different critiques of the youth pastor job description but for now I’ll just tell you a couple overarching criticisms with the hope of it being something constructive and not to SIMPLY bash on them.

It’s not Biblical

Yes! Sorry to shock the Christian world, but youth pastors are not a thing. Well for sure it isn’t a biblical thing. Paul was not a youth pastor before he grew the ranks to achieve apostolic power.

It’s Pragmatic

The “success” rate is pretty high when it comes to more young people in youth group. When we measure success in the amount of people that come to a building for free food and games… yea, I wouldn’t say that’s success.

A better measure of success is seeing are they growing in the knowledge of the Lord, are the growing in holiness, are they involved in their local church, or is it still kids church but with just bigger kids?

It’s Divisive

Imagine a infant is sent to the nursery, when they are old enough they are sent to kids church, then after they hit puberty they are sent to youth group, then after youth group they are sent to the young adults group, and when they turn 40 the church creates the older singles group, and this person has never been integrated to the local body.

And when they get to be part of “big people church” they ask… where are the pizzas and games?

They were never taught that they were part of a bigger body and because of this we see grown adults with 15 years of a biblical knowledge that is based on Noah’s Arc coloring pages.

So for now…

There are other things I wish to say but that would make for a very long post, but I will better clarify with a series of posts I will be putting out concerning this subject.

However I wouldn’t want leave on a negative note. Since the idea isn’t biblical, just as Worship ministry isn’t a real thing, or even Missions ministry with the modern twist we have on it, that doesn’t mean God can’t draw a straight line with a crooked stick.

Since there is no clear description on Youth Pastors or Youth Leaders, I believe that with a proper Christian worldview, it can be used for the good of the church.

Check out the series of articles I will be putting out!


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